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Membership Benefits

  Full, Family/Single Associate No Membership
High Holiday Seats Included, priority 1 Not Included, priority 2 Not Included, priority 3
Voting Rights at Annual Meeting Included Not Included Not Included
Board Membership Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible
Use of Hall 1 included per year + cleaning fee, during week Discounted No discount
Social Events and other services Discounted Discounted No discount
Building Fund Participation required Participation not required Participation not required
Kiddush/SS Sponsorship Permitted Permitted With permission
Droshah Sponsorship Permitted Permitted Permitted
Join Weekly, Shabbat, and Holiday services Yes Yes Yes
Lead Shabbat and Holiday services (men only) Yes Yes With Gabbai Approval



  1. High Holiday Seating: Included for those members 9 years and older
  2. Annual Meeting:  Voting on executive board and board of directors
  3. Board Membership: To be a member of the executive board or board of directors
  4. Use of Hall: The synagogue hall, approximately 1,000 sq ft. Limited kitchen use.
  5. Social Events and other services: Charged events throughout the year
  6. Building Fund: All members are required to contribute to the YIOS Building Fund. This is an essential part of maintaining the synagogue’s financial health, providing important capital for our mortgage and helping maintain the overall aesthetic of our home in Skokie. The Building Fund is set at $3,000 over 5 years ($50 per month).
  7. Kiddush / Seudat Shlishit: Sponsor a weekly kiddush or seudat shlishit
  8. Droshah Sponsorship: Sponsor the Rabbi's weekly Droshah
  9. Join services: Every Jew is welcomed at Young Israel to daven at any time during the week, Shabbat, or holidays
  10. Lead services (men only): Members are welcome to lead services; special exception may be made with the Gabbai.
Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784