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Kiddush Info

Regular Price, Basic Kiddush $200.00

(Brownies, coffee cake, cookies, crackers, herring, gefilte fish, pita chips, salsa, chummus, guacamole, grapes, carrots, pop, paper goods)


$30 Each
Any salad that Sarah's Tent sells, like tuna, egg, pasta, Israeli, kugels, fruit tray

At Cost
Sushi and smoked whole salmon, lox

$75 (Beef), $60 (Veg)
Cholent with sweet potatoes, barley, potatoes

Deli Cubes, $90 

Ice Cream Kiddush, $60

Cake from Jewel, $40 or more


We also do themes, we have done Israeli, Italian, oriental, etc.

Shared basic Kiddush is $150/sponsor. Each sponsor will be charged for add on items chosen

Se’udah Sh’lishis $300 for a Hebrew month or $75 for a week

To Book a Kiddush or Se’udah Sh’lishis, please email Ellen Cohen at

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784